Writing 101: Be Brief (The Letter)


As I walked home I saw a woman walking quickly ahead of me and then I noticed something fell out of her pocket.  I called for her, but she didn’t hear me and her pace was quickening so I couldn’t catch up to her.  I bent down to pick up the paper and it was a letter addressed to her boyfriend:
“Honey, I have so many mixed emotions and feelings when I think of you and I.  Yesterday was such a pleasant afternoon and the person that I fell in love with was present, but  lately I haven’t seen much of that person.  I talk about you sometimes as if you are 2 people, because that’s what it seems to me.  There’s the sweet guy with a heart bigger than anyone I’ve every met, but there’s also the angry, negative one that sucks the life out of you and who has hurt me more times than I care to remember.  I’ve come to realize that promises of “your heart” are fleeting because you are such an emotional being and this emotion makes you act irrational at times.”
The rest of the letter must still be in her pocket as it just ended abruptly, or had she decided not to continue writing the letter.  I guess I will never know, but I think about that girl and the emotional pain she was feeling that afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Writing 101: Be Brief (The Letter)

  1. jingdleon says:

    I love it. Maybe she wants to break up, but having second thoughts. I wish the next story is a triumph on her part.

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