Reiki and More

white light

Something very unusual  happened to me about a week ago and it has unsettled me but not in a bad way.  I have been very introspective this week and have been trying to remember all the details of my reiki session because this was no average, run of the mill, afternoon.

The session started off as other sessions have, but when it ended, something unique and special had occurred.  Now I know there are going to be many people who don’t believe what happened to me, and probably a year ago, I’d be one of those people.  But I am a believer now.

Two years ago, my dad passed away and this  week was the anniversary of his passing.  We visited him at the cemetery and paid our respects to a very loving and gentle soul.  My dad has been on my mind a lot these past days and so, my thoughts shifted to him during the session.  I was repeating to myself all the things I missed about him and all the things that were great about him and then I asked him to make himself known and assure me that he was alright and that he knew I was taking care of my mom.  I specifically said, “I know Ms. N is not a medium, but she does have additional Intuit powers, so please use her to let me know you are watching over me.”  I said this over and over again.

I also was having problems catching my breath during the treatment and was getting a little concerned and was even thinking of stopping the session, but I didn’t.  The relaxing music was playing softly in the background and then a weird word or sound was coming out of the speaker and then a lot of static and the speaker blew.  I also had a very cold sensation run through my body, which lasted for quite a while, well beyond the end of the session.

My eyes were closed during this whole time, and Ms. N walked over to the speaker and disconnected it and came back and continued the treatment.  I was jarred slightly, but then tried to get back into my trance and repeated the thoughts of my dad.

When the treatment was finished, Ms. N let me lay quiet for a few minutes and then I sat up and looked at her and said, “What happened her today.”  She looked at me and said “BIZARRE”.  This treatment was very unusual.

I hadn’t put the events together that had transpired during the 90 minute session, but when Ms. N started speaking with me, it all became clear.  Ms. N told me she’s not a medium, but does have some additional abilities and that she saw a white light surround me and swirl into gray.  She said that has happened to her only a handful of times since she’s been a Reiki Healer and the white into gray symbolizes to her that someone from the other side is making contact.  Ms. N still had no idea what I had been asking for during the treatment.

She continued her story and then told me she asked that the spirit make himself known and at that precise moment, the strange word and static occurred.  The strange word turned out to be “Abba”, which means “Father”.  Ms. N told me my father made himself present in the room today and wanted to let me know he was doing fine and that these were just confirmations of my father finding a way to reveal himself in spirit to me and to bring me comfort and peace.

At this point I told Ms. N what I had been asking for and we both got goosebumps and I began to cry.   Ms. N said  “What a good man he is to allow you to know  all is well”.

Each person comes to a Reiki session with an intention in mind. For  some it is just to relax, for some it’s to heal and for others it’s a clarity of emotions.  My last treatment was definitely for an emotional release.  If something so powerful like this could happen with just my thoughts asking for it, then really anything is possible.  Next time, I will solely be concentrating on healing and wellness.  That should be a breeze compared to contacting a spirit from the other side.

The quote “Change the texture of your thoughts and your life will change” definitely takes on a stronger meaning for me now.  I wish you all GOOD THOUGHTS!!